Thursday, July 17, 2008


8:38 AM

It’s a Thursday and I’m in Pearl Drive. I brought the young-but-tall ones (Franco, Zia, Ralph, and Abby) to school and I’ll be picking them up at 4:30. 8 more hours to go. Zia said she feels like she’s in Forks. And then I said, what? We’re vampires now?. Oh, me! Never mind. I was reading for DEV to help me through the hellhole of a paper I have to do. It’s due on Saturday, about 5 pages (or something) and I came up with two motherfrickin’ lines. I don’t even know what we’re supposed to write about. I have been vaguely reading about economic growth of the Philippines. Is there any? Cos I’ve been reading this book I got from a book sale called “Confronting the Third World” by Gabriel Kolko, and I didn’t find any goddamn frickin’ line about how “upgraded” our economy is. So far, all I got is, the Philippines’ economy was weak by virtue of its export dependence (Kolko, 1988). Gah! 1988??? The goddamn book was published in 1988! Whatever, I’m still using it. My fingers are totally babbling. I’m on a break from my reading. Being alone is fun, you know. I look weird when I’m alone though. I talk to myself, even in public. Okay, Anj is here. BYE.

I am soooo tired of doing nothing! DEV, DEV, DEV!

Adios, Sweet Potatoes!