Thursday, July 31, 2008


ManGov paper done! I will edit and hunt for typo as soon as I wake up, which will be in 4 hours. Thanks, Danie Thomas.

Danie Thomas: I see the light!
Trizia Lim: It's so much brighter!

Anyways, ManGov paper is originally due at 12 noon later but the people who were in class awhile ago got an extension, their paper's due at 5pm. I cut. So, whatever, I had fun with my friends awhile ago.

John Lim: Pitbull?
Ced Carmona: OO.

Medyo malabo. Diane is the pitbull and I am the cheetah. Sorry, if I made tuklap-tuklap your sensitive balat. HA HA HA. Stop mocking! I do not talk that way.

Carlo Lopez: It takes time.

Etchos! Napainom si Ish ng Red Horse, dahil dalaga na SIYA. ULOL.

Cheerios, Papitos!