Friday, July 25, 2008


It's funny how life slaps you in the face. What's even funnier is that you can't slap life back. The question is, how do you get back at life? Revenge is a loathsome word, but, okay, let's use revenge. Enough about the saying with the lemons and lemonade. "Stab life, hate the world, and bid your goodbyes", this is what my friend said. So, what? The very revenge of it is that the world loses YOU? God, no. Another HURRAH for the world, not unless you contribute well to society. OR not unless you live in Africa then dying would be normal, which makes your death "not counted". So, should we just turn the other cheek or plan this revenge? 

"Go ahead and make the blueprint".
Vengeance is one thing. Karma is another. What if the reason why you get all the handpicked shit in your life is karma? I'm not going all Hindu here but think about it. It's like shopping. You buy thousands-worth of whatever and you get a freebie or a discount card. WHATEVER. You shoplift and you get the "wang-wang" and the humiliation (with the BONUS of God punishing you).
I want to be on the buying-thousands-worth-of-whatever. I don't wanna be on the "wang-wang" side. Jeez.
Just another one of my digressions from school work.
Shout out to all the visitors of my blog. Lalo na sa mga walang magawa sa mga buhay nila. Mabuhay kayo!