Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Disclaimer: These are just random thoughts and rants after reading the Philippine Star.

Doesn’t PGMA realize that we need China all the more that we had Frank storm in and out of our country leaving thousands and thousands of people devastated? On a lighter note, the government is shelling out P5M for the Frank victims. It’s not enough. I mean, what if I march down to Malacanang and say that I am Frank victim? P5M wouldn’t be enough.

Smart move, Gloria. Mayaman ka kase.

So, I was reading the newspaper (start of something new). Nothing good is ever written. According to Villar, 35 Filipinos are in death row worldwide. I say, thousands of Filipinos are in death row here in the Philippines because of poverty. I was on my way to Pearl awhile ago to read for DEV. While on traffic, another one of the many problems of our country, an old man carrying 3 wires (or what seemed like a fishing rod) to sell. I wonder if he’s going to be able to eat dinner tonight. I saw a beggar in the intersection of Ortigas (I don’t know exactly where, I’m bad with streets), I gave him P20. Kulang pa yun sa pang yosi ko, BUT I had to deviate the image I had of the old man I saw earlier. I could do this by compensation hence, the P20 bill.

This is a sad, sad, country.