Sunday, March 29, 2009


So, did anyone turn off their powered appliances, or at least cut down on electricity consumption, between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm as their contribution to Earth Hour? I guess not. I remember last year, my brother Franco, the Green Peace/IHeartTheEarthSoMuch advocate, turned off his lights, TV, airconditioning, and computer. After an hour or so, he went out of his room, literally dripping in sweat. Too cute for words and was a funny sight--Zia just had to remind all of us after hearing Mass earlier. I had to gulp down my meal as I have to run and meet my friends. Catching up yeah.

I had fun at Bugsy's tonight with Ib and Toni, whom I had to pick up at my future condo unit at Lafayette 1. Nice place and I haven't been inside. It's cool to have a convenience store just right downstairs, it is quite convenient? Ha ha. Bumped into Icey, Shai, Thad, and Eleu (who is now bonding with Toni). Thad gave me false hopes! He said Danica Acdal was also gonna be there and I got so excited: "TONI, BEBS IS GONNA BE HEEEEEEERE!" Turned out Thad was asking me if Danica was gonna be there. Was I that slow? Not being able to determine a question and a statement. Anyway, I miss you, Bebs.

While Toni, Eleu, and Ib were downing Cherry Bombs and Beer, I was downing my reliable Iced Tea. I ordered three glasses and am now dizzy.

Here are some photos, I will upload more in Multiply and Facebook.

Cheerios, Papitos!