Friday, March 27, 2009


I'd like to think that love is the most amazing thing in the world. And that love, once gained, will end all sufferings and bring nothing but joy. Unfortunately, I cannot make a case in point as "love" is the last thing I worry about these days--meeting love, perhaps.

My standpoint: the good things about love--the tingles, the phone calls and sweet nothings, and even the free lunch, is overshadowed by the bad things about love--the heartbreak, the cheating, the trauma, and the unattended mobile phone.

I am the antagonist of my own love story. Why? Because I do not believe in love. One time, I chickened out on it because of its very idea. I was accused of "doing nothing". No, I did not "do nothing". I was scared because he was able to crack me. And that's one of the situations I hate the most--someone being able to find my core and accept it.

I was reading Haeja's latest post about love. Different views for two people who believe in the common good and are exhausted with Pol.Eco. (ha ha!). From her blog: holding someone's heart and having the ability to break it. Nasakto mo.

I'd rather have an empty stomach than hearing "the subscriber cannot be reached".