Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Disclaimer: This post was made out of fun and out of mind. Enjoy and please comment on my tagboard!

There's nothing that could ever make me feel better than a cup of coffee. I had no classes today so I went to Starbucks, just a couple of blocks away from home. I was so excited that my Shoulder Sash (made by Mauban's finest couturier, Aling Taning from Bgy. Bagong Pag-asa). So this is what wore to Starbucks today:

I thought that a cup of coffee is the only thing that could make my day complete. But... I found the Boy Scout Neckerchief I ordered from I thought it ended there, laying glamorously on my bed was the blue vintage coat I ordered from pBay! Oh my, sweetness! I am the happiest girl alive! So, I decided to walk my dog as I am so psyched (and totally cannot wait) to wear them! It cost me a fortune and I am not one to splurge.

What I wore underneath is boring, even for me. What do you think?

Black Tube Top by Natasha, Checkered Araro Pants by Freego Jeans, Scarf worn as belt (thrifted), and Blue Patent Shoes by Sugus.

I finally found the bag ordered from Secossana last week. I haven't gotten a chance to take a picture of it. So here it goes. The neon green color just matches the color of my eyes. Jealous much?

My inspiration for the month is Denisia Torresia. Her Fall collection is superb. She mixes men and women's wear; vintage and modern accessories; and more! I have yet to do my research on her. I am so excited for Friday. I get to interview her. We meet at the first-class mall in the P.I. (Centerpoint) at 12:00 noon-1:00 pm. Soon thereafter, I will accompany her to one of her inspirations, Theta! I am excited as a wild boar. Ten snaps and a million hands down to you!