Thursday, April 16, 2009


So, I haven't been in my best "sleeping" behavior. Yaya claims that I have turned day into night and vice versa. True enough, I felt the need to post another one of my random entry at 4:57 in the morning. I wouldn't be this courageous if it weren't for the lack of work (not that I am finished with my reading and advanced research) and the sheer boredom I am dealing with at this hour. A friend suggested that I watermark my photos because the internet is such a horrid environment, that anything and I mean anything can be stolen and re-posted with, say, an airport on my face. It happened to me in highschool, in my computer class, I remember. PLUS there are haters, who have nothing better to do than loiter... Well, let's not talk about that. I had a dream this afternoon--yes, because I sleep during the day, excuse the repetition, I just want to make myself clear and claim that I am now a living vampire--that my friend sent photos of me with my head cropped off and pasted on Johnny Depp's body. It is ridiculously funny. I have yet to buy an iWatermark software if I find the time and if I don't change my mind--it ruins the photo. So, no nalang?

This is my sister with my cropped shorts and my denim Converse. Isn't she dear?

OMG. I was catching up The Hills Season 4. I am done with it and am now on track for Season 5's Episode 4. Apparently, it is the last season. I am quite sad as I have been a fan of Lauren Conrad ever since Laguna Beach.

The sun is up and I may as well hit the sack.

Adios, Papitos! (This is getting old).