Sunday, April 19, 2009


Long live the girls, I say. Just when we thought that we are finally going to be complete at Shai's Housewarming Party... Balloons pop and nails screeching on board, Karryl and Kandee were missing. And yes, Con made it--alive and kicking. It is quite true that things never change, ergo people missing a crazy night with Mojos, Asti, and Red Horse. Let us not forget the stack of cigarettes that have butts that could fill in a manhole and of course, friends that tend to snort due to excessive laughter. Guilty as charged.

Shai's house is beyond amazing. OMG, I mean, ODK! I'd say it can be featured in UZ and Kat's future show, "Ang Bahay ni Mama". I'm just kidding. Her room can actually pass for a set of Project Runway, but the best part is when you enter her room. Ha ha ha! We are proud of you because according to Eleu, out of all of us, it is you who has direction. I, on the other hand, do not even know what is happening to my life TOMORROW. I mean, all I care about for tomorrow is lunch. Ha ha. But SRSLY.

Here are some photos which (thankfully) I transferred. The videos are long gone. Ask me another time about this tragic story, I cannot talk about it now because I am as bummed as a hungry lion. The Hills spinoff is not for us at the moment.

This is from my Photobooth. I had to upload this just so I could remember the elevator disaster we had before going to Shai's.

Shai and Karla

Kat and I turning Korean (or Japanese).

Oh, yes. Con is alive and kicking!

Painting by Shai. Gorgeous! I wish I could draw like her. I am trying. I just have to dance my way through drawing stick figures.

Eleu and Jam

Eleu, please spare me. Don't laugh. Ha!

Laverne and I

People are MIA. :(

All's well. I love you, guys. To bits and pieces.

Cheerios, Chicas!

Please do excuse the crappy resolution of the photos, I had to resize them so that I could watermark them properly.