Friday, April 24, 2009


I had fun earlier when Toni, Jay (Toni's cousin), and Sandy (Jay's friend) went up to the hills. "I love you, Antipoloeeee", as Toni would put it by screaming at the top of her lungs while enjoying the fresh air of Antipolo. I still couldn't believe that Coors beer would amount to P299 a bucket and a pack of Marlboros, an astounding amount of P75. I will not state which restaurant because no one would ever want to get a bad review. But in total, we all had fun. Dinner at the Fajardos' was also awesome. I am craving for a torta at this very moment. After the Coors incident, we all went to Tapsilogan and Bulalohan ni Vivien. Although I am not sure of the word sequence of the food chain, the food was also great, not to mention affordable as well!

Took photos of Toni's house, which is so fly.

Her family is wonderful. We talked about Mauban, Quezon and Toni's Cheerleading mishap over dinner. :)

Toni and I overlooking the wonderful sight.

This photo is very comical. I LOVE IT. Sorry, I ruined the photo!

I just had to have a photo of the Ralph Lauren polo (which is by the way, older than I am). Awhile ago, Mama confessed that she got it on SALE. Akala ko panaman, sosyal at mayaman kami. Denims are in AGAIN! Yay!

While most of my chicas cannot leave the house without their earrings, I, on the other hand, cannot leave without bracelets and rings. See my Pol.Eco. strings?

I love Toni! I trust her with anything! I am glad that we are close more than ever. :) I am ready for our trip to Quezon. Who wants to come with?

Tomorrow, I will be 21 years old. I will spend my birthday in Baguio with the family. No internet at home, I am hoping that Pop's Smart cable would work. This would mean that I would not be able to make it to the Friday GNO with the rest later tonight.

Cheerios, Papitos!

I am tired of this watermarking but Toni reminded me of the time when our group photo in Virgin Beach, Batangas was stolen and posted on a site. I think they stole it in some "blog". I just didn't say that it might have been me who's the source. So, watermark it is then. I may grow tired of it soon but for the meantime, ruined photos are what will be seen in my future entries.