Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My 21st birthday was celebrated in Baguio. The birthday salubong in the car, to be more specific. Pop and Ma were waiting for 12 midnight and sang the birthday song the moment the clock struck 12. They've been doing that for 21 years. Our house looks so different as compared to the house I set foot on with Kong-kong and my cousins almost 13 years back. I will post photos of the house soon!

Allow me to deconstruct the trip through these photos.

This was taken at the Grotto. It is a tradition that we visit the Grotto first, no matter what happens--meaning RAIN or shine.I wished for nothing but the happiness of Ahya D.A.

My birthday cake. It's only Pop, Franco, and my cousins who call me "Ish" in the family. Mama is trying to get the hang of it.

My brother Franco and I outside the house. It was so cold! Matching cardigans, of course!

Mama and I.

Pop and I. I love this photo! He was super funny. He made my simple birthday dinner similar to that of a 7-year old's. No, it did not include musical chairs.

This one is just a random photo taken the next day at Minesview. I love the pusit!

Taken at, what I call, the Starbucks corner at home. There's a big ass, green umbrella outside. Again, it was too cold--I had to wear a jacket over my sweatshirt!

Just an update. I will be uploading more photos and talk more about Baguio--the misadventures included.