Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Graduation is in 3 days and I am stoked! After all the hardwork--sleepless nights, heaps of readings, intimidating professors, killer tests and papers, unlimited coffee, and very EARLY mornings--we have reached the end. Congratulations, graduates!

I already saw my graduation dress, it is lovely. I had my first fitting last Saturday. I will devote a solo entry on my good friend, Shai Dela Merced's shop, PROVOCOUTURE. She is too sweet--my dress design is a graduation gift from her, my first and early gift.

While anxiously waiting for THE DAY, I have been nothing but bored with an excess amount of caffeine in my system. It is bad.

I have been babbling about how Free Energy changed my life. I have been talking endlessly about how ridiculous their music is. I am now starting a fan club, you know, to spread their awesomeness. So, three of my looks both in Lookbook and Chictopia are Free Energy-inspired. Below is the latest one.

This is a 10-year old faded (due to circumstances of age, laundry, etc.) Guess denim polo, which I inherited (and I say this with humor because my this is equivalent to the pants that those four friends share) from my mother; a gray acid wash denim, frilled shorts; H&M, Firma, and Beadshop rings; All Around bracelets; my circular black-rimmed dork glasses; and a leopard peep-toe pumps, which is very hard to walk in.

This pose reminds me of the Lambada. What was I thinking?

“Cruising across town, lost in the endless sound and the sea’s alright. But the streets are all safe.” -- Dream City, Free Energy