Tuesday, March 17, 2009


For a long time of hunting, I've FINALLY scored myself a copy of Wicker Park (thanks, JC!). I know I should've given extra effort on the hunt but nonetheless, I have seen IT and I loved every minute of the movie! WEE.

The bumpy truth, which I just found out a few minutes ago, is out and about. So here goes, I got this quote from Diane's site

“Thank you for confirming to the universe that between the two of us, you’re the one who’s bitter. Yes please keep telling yourself faulty assumptions because who knows, maybe one day you’ll believe them. But for the mean time, let me just bask in this convenient truth.”

THANKS for making me stronger. I cannot thank you enough. I survived, redeemed myself from the mistake. Again, thanks, you do not exist anymore.

I have to get over you, Chad. HA HA HA HA!

Sige. Bored lang ako.

What we've done so far: A LOT.

This was taken in Mozu. A place where we haven't dined-in in soooo long! The rest are here, so click and enjoy!