Saturday, September 04, 2010

I'm going to a Gossip Girl-themed debut. What do you suggest I wear (head-to-toe)? Hahaha. Is it advisable to wear stockings? :) I admire your fashion insights, that's why I'm asking you :)

Hi! I wouldn't go for a pair of stockings. I have three outfits in mind. :-)

Serena: Wear a "dressy" dress. Dressy meaning cocktail, asymmetrical, long sleeve. Anything form-fitting. A good pair of strappy, chunky heels (chunky is the way to go). Get a basic pair, one that you can still wear and would go well with your other clothes. A vintage necklace. A messy bun would be perfect. Light or almost-natural makeup and pink lipstick.

Jenny: White top, black (preferably leather) jacket, black skirt, above-the-knee socks, and high-heeled booties. Silver and leather accesories--go heavy on your rings, bracelets, and necklace. Smoke-y eyes, super-red lipstick. For your hair, you can either go for a super straight 'do or waves. This would be my favorite look because I'm sure everyone is gonna dress as my Blair or Serena. :-)

Vanessa: Go for anything (maxi or short dress/top) that has a psychedelic print. Top it off with a denim vest or jacket. Large hoops, beaded bracelets, and rings. Your look should be very "disoriented" and "no-care-for-the-world". Ultra curls or high-messy ponytail with barrettes. A weird-shaped purse (crocheted or leather) with weird prints or statements would be good for this look. If you decide to wear a maxi dress, wear brown sandals, no heels. If you decide to wear a short dress, low-heeled or high-heeled booties would be perfect! :-)

I'm not gonna get into a Blair outfit because there is a large possibility that everyone would wear a headband, colored tights, blazers, and skirts. Everyone would look the same. Be different! Good luck! Please do tell me what look you'd go for and if I find the time, I will post an outfit for you.

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