Tuesday, September 21, 2010


By The Mynabirds

Finally got to update my Chictopia again. I have so many stories to tell--my China trip, my good finds, and a whole lot more.

One thing I love about my mom is the fact that she accepts my very weird taste in clothes. I would say "fashion" but I do not think I have the credibility to carry such big a term. Anyway, she got these acid wash-looking but tie-dye in real life men's trousers that I have been meaning to purchase for months now. I saw a lot in China--trousers placed in second in my "to-buy" list, next to Doc Martens Hello Kitty edition. Both, of course, were not bagged. The trousers I have seen are all plain and this is the reason why I snagged these pair from my mother who was really cool about it. It is a little loose on me but it is to die for so I try to cope.

I love you, Mom. Worn with a splattered Zara tank top, 5.5-inch satin pumps from Aldo, gartered belt with gold heart medallion from Zara, red zebra print bangle from my brother , psychedelic bangle (my all-time, trusty favorite from The Bead Shop), gold bangles from Aldo, ruby ring with gold band, and gold chain connector ring, both from Aldo.

Full deets HERE

Photos by: Clara Tan