Thursday, September 30, 2010


I never really thought I would come to my senses and appreciate the color beige. Now, I am professing my love for it along with my current appreciation for suede Bluchers (click on the link, mine is in beige). Best paired with absolutely everything! I promise to go easy on them.

I referred to this as my "boy-meets-girl" outfit. It is all over the place and it seemed like I just threw in whatever was in sight, which I did.

Hot pink H&M top, L.E.I. denim shorts, beige soft Zara Bluchers, beige dual H&M bag, black rebel Ecko watch, leopard-print lower H&M barrette-slash-brooch, and granny pearls, which I got from I do not remember. Ha ha ha. No rings for now.

Trusty red lips to vamp a simple outfit. It never fails.

I am starting a new collection. It is going to be anything with shoe laces on. My dependency on ballet flats and weird-looking heels will be put to rest first.

Barrette mania. This one is rather heavy than expected. But ain't it pretty?

It is a quick post. I should have given more justice to my current outfit mix-up. I had an exam for a job awhile ago. I went without any sleep. What a waste!

Photos by: Clara Tan
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