Sunday, September 19, 2010


At long last, I have been approved to be a Chic VIP on Chictopia (I know I will be bashed by Clara--ha ha ha CHIC!). Just a quick post because this look was posted about 3 days ago. But in my defense, I prepared and planned on writing good thoughts about this one.

Outfit inspired by Emily (Pretty Little Liars) but I failed and realized it just now. So, I am changing it... Outfit inspired by Real Life by The Tanlines.

Vintage denim polo from Guess, Jeans (Katy Perry would call it "Skin Tight Jeans" and a fellow Chictopian would call it "Cigarette Jeans", and I would just call it jeans ha ha ha) from Forever21, beige suede boots, vintage Gucci purse, and accessories from all over.

Flowers, heart key, owls, cameras, and lock & keys.

Photos by: Clara Tan
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Anonymous said...

Where do you get all your jewelry? I love the keyheart ring and camera necklaces!

Maria Chloe said...

your so pretty! and i love all your jewels

Trizia Lim said...

Anonymous: The ones I'm wearing here are from Forever 21. I also buy accessories in Aldo and Firma. :-)

Trizia Lim said...

Maria Chloe: Thank you! :-)

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