Thursday, September 16, 2010


Weird choice of title. I know. I will post photos of my China trip soon. But for now, I am gonna share a video that is all about my best buy in China (the rings are just an extra clip I included). I miss the busy street of Nanjing Road--this is how some of the Chinese girls my age look like in China.

Do you like my headband? I love it so I will probably over use it in my upcoming looks in Chictopia and Lookbook. I tried my very best to make my eyes super chinky.

"Hi, excuse me! I am now covered by a tangy pimple patch, I will leave tomorrow." - Trizia's pimple

Post-China from Trizia Lim on Vimeo.

Sneak Peek:

My "Eat Pray Love" moment in China.