Saturday, April 19, 2008


And three months. Ces is back for a visit to the most polluted country, The Philippines. Ang bilis, but we missed you. I missed Eka, Con, and Laverne (who brought Rachel. I've got to say, she is nice) too. I just got home from a very late dinner at Italiannis, High Street. I'm never gonna be mean to Laverne anymore because I love her no matter what. Whoops, sorry Con and I were late, trust me, naiinip rin ako sa akin dahil ang bagal ko kumilos.

My courageous attempt to go MKO tonight miserably pulled me and flushed me down the drain. MKO's style does not suit me because wearing big-ass clothes look really well on skinny girls ONLY. I am NOT skinny, so... JUST IMAGINE: Ninang. That was how I described myself tonight. But, thank the Holy Lord for friends who do not bash me despite my tendencies to go for the awesome Ninang-look.

I missed you, guys. I love you with all the cartwheels and handstands in the world.

Flip (because everybody says "Bounce").

Thanks to those who commented and to those who texted me. Like I always say, "thank you, it's another one of my social suicides BUT I'd do anything for my sister". She will be the next break-through editor. SALUTE!