Sunday, April 13, 2008


...a line from the poem, "There is a Reason for Everything", by Helen Steiner Rice.

Okay, so I haven't done anything for PolDyn and I'm downright worried for the sentence outline we're asked to do. See, summer class is in 30 hours and we've already gotten the taste of Inferno. But it IS fine with me, I mean, there's nothing more enticing than a pile of readings. NOTHING.

Hung out with Mim at Starbucks. I swear I drink too much coffee. The barista even offered to make my coffee decaf BUT I said, "No, thanks". She probably noticed that I'm there almost every night, smoking my heart out while enjoying my White Chocolate Mocha. Because I'm motherfrickin' cool like that. YOCK. yock.

Fred hates ANTM and Tyra. I get it. But I gave him the coolest member of YouTube who uploads this shitass, clear videos and he's watching right now. So, if you're reading this, answer, "DO YOU LOVE TYRA NOW???". Guys just have this hatred towards Tyra. I hate her armpits, but I can't hate her GENERALLY as she is responsible for keeping me sane when I'm bored. Oh, yes, I watch re-runs of ANTM when I'm bored.

Watch Penelope! I'm not done with the movie yet but it's super! It reminds me of, um, ME. Check out the film and see. THE SNOUT. Oh, mother of pearl! See that's why I scare people away!



Freddy-Pain said...

Like Tyra now? like never! hahahaha!!! Armpit lady, im watching now,, thanks for the link and the led! they truly made music beyond their time.. techno, hahaha!

trizialim said...

ha ha ha. i cannot believe you dont know carouselambra. okay, so i gave you the most important info of all time! armpit lady, you better fuck off, freddy-pain will kill ya.