Tuesday, April 29, 2008


It was the best trip ever! Thanks, guys. Now, that's frickin spontaneity! I have a fuckin' wound that hurts so much, but that's the mark of the whole trip. See, we attempted to break-in the only house in Enclave that has a pool. So we did our ninja/cheerleading moves to go up the walls and we got through! Except for the cross breed guard dog (half chowchow, half werewolf) that we have to get pass by, I thought we were kind of successful. BUT NO. There was no pool, that's when we decided to hit the beach at frickin' 2am! Hay nako. Talk about fun. FUN.

Guys, PLEASE take this line SERIOUSLY. What happens in Enclave, stays in Enclave. I'm sorry but we had our tv series moments. I LOVE IT.

They call me, "Fartful". Ha ha. I shouldn't share too much.

I'm 20. Ew. I cannot get over it because I feel like I have not done anything for the world to remember me by. But there will be, tons of 'em. Right now, I wanna be Georgia Nicolson. Her care-free self is what I need to be as of the moment. I don't wanna care about my Physics reporting tomorrow, I mean I'd rather care about planning on how to snog the guy of my dreams and what lipstick to use when that moment comes. I mean, COME ON. Physics or snogging? Ha ha. See, her problems are itty-bitty but when you're 20, it's a whole lot different. Does that mean if you're 20, snogging shouldn't be a problem anymore? That's a nice conclusion.

You know the scene in One Tree Hill when they had a black-out and it was raining? Lucas was over at Brooke's when Brooke got really upset with the letter that Lucas gave her. And then she runs out in the rain and Lucas run after her. They had a few sweet lines and then in the end they just kiss. UNDER THE RAIN. THAT is perfect. (I'd wear a devil-red lipstick).


"Sugar, we're going down".