Monday, April 14, 2008


Nothing beats eating tuna out of the can with its delectable oil dripping out of my mouth. See, there IS a Penelope in me. It is so distinct that I do not deem it as funny and cute anymore. Blech. FAAAAT.

Classes will officially start in 5 hours and 29 minutes and I'm still up. Wide awake as an owl. I am feeling a bit obsessive-compulsive about my sentence outlline on... GET READY... "Social Power and its Political Form". I have been editing it for an hour now and I would like to think that I have succeeded because I was able to narrow it down to three frickin' pages. Awhile back, it was four pages. Walang aangal, one page rin ang nabawas. I am hoping for a 1.75 on it (kapal), but my professor is the dean so, I wanna make a good, first impression since--this is old news and I have been ranting about it for a year, most of my professors feel that I do not look like frickin' Pol.Eco student. I am slightly nervous for the quiz tomorrow. It's supposed to test our understanding and reading comprehension and God knows how much I suck at both! Phew. Ha ha.

I am still NOT sleepy, so I guess I just have to re-read my annotations again, yes? WOAH, tunring over a new leaf na talaga ako. Bakit ngayon lang, eh? EWAN.

Ciao, amigos. Mwa! Mwa!


Anonymous said...

i fckin miss you, ho! ring me. -mae archibald. lol.

trizialim said...

chengenang archibald! ym nalang, yo.