Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Pop is acting really weird. Mom sat us down for the talk. Yes, Pop is acting weird. Thanks, mommeh, you're the best. Franco and I were in her room when she said, "Bakit amoy yosi?", then looks at Franco. And then she said, "Come here nga, Achi. I'll smell your hair". She hugged me and said, "It's you pala eh!". And then smiled. Anyway, she told me to try to stop. OKAY, I WILL.

The shoot was really fun! I met these amazing artists, Pao, Paul, and Kai. Okay, my hair was teased and that was the closest thing to brushing my hair. My hair and my brush (or whatever it is in sight that could try to tame my out-of-this-world hair a.k.a. a FORK) have some sort of a long-distance relationship because I brush my hair once a week. I'm serious. It's not that I do not give my hair the proper care that every single strand deserves, it's just that I'm in the state of WHO CARES. See, in highschool I brush my hair all the time, in fact, I've reached the point where I was actually seeing my hair break. OKAY. Why the fuck am I talking about my hair? Okay, the shoot was tiring but really fun! Thanks, thanks. BOW!