Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Or am I just too "late"?

Do you guys know Boyce Avenue? They're genius. I need to update my iPod because my songs are either way too loud or way too cute. It's two extremes like that. Their covers are cute. Jeez, I am such a LOSER. I cannot believe I've betrayed my music! Horror! No! I was possessed. Now that I think about it, they're music is gay. Ha ha. "Sweetest Girl" is cool. Ha ha.

I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING AGAINST MY PROFESSOR BUT I was in class yesterday (since it's already 1:26 AM), relentlessly bored out of my mind, and I suddenly felt the urgent need to just scream. Let's just hope that Herbie isn't the type of professor who opens his Facebook (but i doubt if he has one), types his students' student number and searches for their profile. See, I think he is capable of doing that. He just tries too hard sometimes. He wrote, "YOU'RE LATE!" on the white board and under the "YOU'RE LATE" he put, "1. Ian". WHAT THE FUCK IS NEXT? "NOISY (underlined) 1. Trizia". GIVE ME A BREAK. He asks questions that are answerable by a YES or NO. So, we have two choices ONLY. If we answer correctly, he'd say this, "NAME, very good! That's... CORRECT! Let's give a round of applause to NAME..." and then claps like a proud daddeh! EH PAANO KUNG HINULAAN LANG YUN? You know the loading sign seen in the computer whenever we surf the net? He has one, only his connection is motherfrickin' dial-up yo. Ang bagal. He's slower than I am.


My brother is sweet.
Franco Lim: ish dont forget to turn off the wifi love you night
Trizia Lim: okay
Trizia Lim: i'll sleep na
Trizia Lim: love you