Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'M 20. EW.

Okay, I had so much fun yesterday. My 4-year-old cousin, Gela made me laugh like a hyena! She was swimming when she started shouting and pointing at my sister, Zia.

Gela: Aaaaah!
Everyone: Why? What happened?
Gela points at Zia and says: NIGHT MONSTER!!! Aaaaah!

now, THAT made my day. Ha ha. Shout out with a frickin' bullhorn to my UES! Pat was the head of my birthday brigade, I think everyone knew about it na! I love you, guys.

Pop gave me flowers and I was totally expecting it. HE is the sweetest. PLUS, he allowed me to go wild in Topshop. LOVE IT.

So, I'll be in Tagaytay with the Badets and I still haven't packed! Whew.