Thursday, April 17, 2008


Kamille Untalan: Parang moon.

Angela Villavicencio: Parang crater.

Trizia Lim: Parang may rocks.

Okay, never mind. I have just woken up from my nap. Funny, 'coz I woke up for dinner, ate, and then slept again. See, I still have the time to hibernate despite my "busy" schedule. I want to drop Physics.

Zia has, or should i say HAD, pet rabbits. "Kone" and "Ho" (for Kuneho). Those are just tacky names for rabbits; it's like naming identical twins, "Ta" and "Oh". Kadire. Holy Mother of Bees, what the hell was she thinking? But it was benta naman--AND I got the weird sense of blessing them with names like that. So, Ho (the good rabbit) died after two days, I cried. I felt like we had a connection. I remembered my pet rabbits (both did not die at such a young age, I've actually manage to take care of them until they were old and have decided to leave this cruel world), Chumper and Thumper, I had them when I was 7. I taught them circus acts. Thanks to me, they have mustered the act of the ultimate rope balancing act. Kone (the masamang damo), who tried to bite me while I was carrying (or torturing) him. Son of a gun! So this morning, I found him resting with his eyes open. What joy! I even took a photo of him. I am so mean, but think about it, I was NICE to him, I even carried the stinky fluff and what did I get? His two enormous front teeth gnawing at my index finger. Okay, I exaggerated.

The Dead Rabbit:

Rest in peace, Kone. I forgive you. On a much lighter note, there are still rabbits in the house. "Betty" and "Veronica" belongs to cousin Ralph.

The Next Victims of Sudden Death: