Thursday, May 22, 2008


The frickin' post options is still not working. I cannot document my posts well, I hate it. 

Okay, last night was F-U-N even though we had a rough start. Kam, the barbeque was super! Mom, your pasta was great. So, Diane brought some furniture (yes, tables, lamp shade, pillows) from her house. Wait, I didn't know that the plural form for "many furniture" is just "furniture" without the S. Anyway, Pipoy is in Bacolod and I spent 4+ hours on the amateur video I made because I was in a rush AND because I don't know much about video editing. I even tried using my iMovie, GOODLUCK.  I will post the video here, SOON. 
Thanks, Carlo! Okay. So, Anj and I are bound to suffer from ear complications anytime soon, let's hope not. We were talking for almost an hour. Hello, radiation! Anj is right, "you lose someone, but there's gonna be another someone". We're not in a bitter state, believe me, WE'RE FINE and guys are the last things we need right now. We are having so much fun hanging out with our friends. AHEM. ;-). AGAIN, I couldn't agree more! Life has slapped me one too many times and I think it's about time that I look at life in a different way. AND I AM. About the "having another someone", Anj and I don't want to have one (or two, um, three?) anytime soon, unless he looks like Chuck Bass. As Anj would broadcast in our PolDyn class during one of the reportings (AND WHEN MR. ZIALCITA HEARD HER), "I'M LOVIN' THE SINGLE LIFE". Jeez! Mr. Zialcita heard that! And she was just whispering. Again, I couldn't agree more. 
People, let's not mope around because there's no one to cuddle with and no one to give orders around. Let's be happy and DRINK the punch we had last night. 
Thanks, Angela. I will listen to you from now on.