Saturday, May 17, 2008


I felt sick today. Aloha! Thanks to the sunny-then-rainy weather we've been having for a few days now. Thanks! I had to sneak out of my Physics class to go to the clinic, I actually wanted to smoke too. So there we were, Kam and I, smoking like lunatics under the pouring rain. Kam suddenly ditched her fag, she didn't feel well too. It had something to do with our throats. Well, thanks to the 2-hour concert we had last night in Baliw Theatre! CORNY. Ha ha. Maraming salamat sa inyooo! Lalo na kay Bobby at Pat! They went up the stage pa talaga. OKAY, I'LL STOP NA. Anyways (The Hills style, Heidi style), the clinic was frickin' closed. WHAT THE FUCK. Eh, paano pala kung hindi sore throat yung problema ko? Paano kung nangisay na ako sa labas ng clinic na may "store hours", ha? HA? If i die, NAKO. Edi patay? SUS. STREPSILS LANG, PARANG AWA NIYO NA.

Pop took me mega shopping! THANKS. BEST BUY: Leopard print sneakers. ;)

Cheeries. Don't panic.