Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I got in trouble for going home late last night. As punishment, or at least that is what I think, I was asked to fix my bags (thanks, Mom, really). So, yaya and I were segregating my bags--all neatly lined up, the bags that I use, the bags that Zia might use, and the bags that is out (these are the bags that I wouldn't be caught using, otherwise everyone will hail me as The Fashion Mishap). THEN YAYA SHOUTED: "Achi, Diane's here..." (yes, Yaya Mayet speaks good english). There they were (John, Carlo, and Diane), in my house as if it is the most normal thing in the world. I was in my favorite red pajamas. Thank God I had my contacts and my bra on (not that there is anything to cover, but STILL). So, my parents forgot about the "little" incident that I had the night before and allowed my to go out with my wonderful friends! 

But... It gets even better. :-) or so I thought. Before I declare everything and before I admit that I have wronged again, I just wanna thank my friends for: kidnapping me, making my parents unground me (at least for today), helping me get away with my little chore, and getting me in trouble again! YAY! HA HA. I love you, guys. THIS IS, BY FAR, THE BEST DAY (AND NIGHT) OF MY LIFE.

So, friends. Yes, I got in trouble for going home late again. So whatever happened to the movies? HA HA. 

Tacsiapo. Salamat ng madami!