Monday, May 05, 2008


I've been stuffing my mouth with Perte chocolates, which tastes like heaven, and whatever it is that I find edible and palatable at home. I am gaining so much weight, it's not even funny anymore. I stayed home last night and I had Anj call me because for one, my phone bill was soraing high and my other cel amounts to nothing except for my greatass game AND I was depressed. I feel like I look like a monster. I even told her that she won't be seeing me at school during lunch breaks because I've decided to spend my lunch break with the grumpy, old librarian who does nothing but shush us. Like that's ever needed. And whenever I go hungry, which is always and forever (this is the only thing I could get to "always and forever"), I'd eat lunch in the 7th floor restroom.

It's 4:16 and I haven't even showered yet. Oh, my life is going down the drain, I can almost feel it.