Saturday, May 03, 2008


The I. The HEART. The U.

Because people never fuckin' care. And because girls are just plain idiots. No offense, but it's true. It's so good to help Kam unwind, at least a bit. I went swimming with Kam, Bob, and Pat. Our out-of-this-frickin-world dance moves, our in-desperate-need-of-voice-lessons singing, our let's-drink-to-that shot sessions (which helped a lot tonight, 'cos it's not only Kam who needs relaxation), and our let's-get-bobby water gun fights, HELPED A WHOLE LOT. I was talking with the girls ('cos Bob was busy doing something elsewhere) when Pat said something about fairytales, love, and relationships. It's true, fairytales don't happen. As much as we want it to happen, it can never be. Fairytales require a "once upon a time"--which is way too easy to get and a "happily ever after"--which requires "forever". I don't mean to be the Love Grinch, Anti-Cupid, or whatever it is they call it, it's just that, there is no such thing as forever. Think about it then you'll realize how fucked up love can be. What is the best thing to do then? Screw love, fuck love, ditch love? See, even if love is fucked up, people will always opt to choose love-with-no-forever because of the temporary and inconsistent happiness it brings. "Risk it" is what I've been telling Kam constantly. Because you'll never really know unless you do. Cut yourself some slack and allow yourself to be happy, even for a moment. Because you're sure to go back to that feeling where you're almost on top of the world. You can even share you're fucked up love story to your grandchildren and be thankful that it was their grandfather that you married, NOT HIM.

Okay, stupid cupid. You can shut up now. The drinks are getting into me. Thanks, fucking courage!

"Don't say I never tried..."--Kam Untalan. This one's for ya!

Cheerios, Alcoholics.


Anonymous said...

that's so true.

Anonymous said...

anticupid? wala ka palang boyfriend! 0jh

trizialim said...

thanks for commenting! i have been single since birth. ;)