Monday, May 05, 2008


The song that I've been playing while driving around the neighborhood awhile ago. I am so happy, the board meeting went well. I was an hour late. I arrived at the office and went straight to Kong-kong's desk, he was smiling when said, "You're late!". Okay. So all's well, I am finally getting a new computer. Thanks, Kong-kong. I love you dearly. I cannot believe I am still celebrating my birthday up to this date. Kong-kong spoils all 24 (23?) of us. We've had our fair share of "shopping" sprees. But I think I had the best one, I mean, Mim and I had the best one! Two years ago, Ama Perly called me and asked if I was busy because Kong-kong is planning to take us (Mim and I) shopping. I was 18 already and Mim was turning 18 the next day. He got us matching watches from Washington. Mim and I couldn't believe it! We walked around Shangri la with the biggest smiles on our faces, plus the grandparents allowed us to go crazy clothes shopping pa! Okay. Natutuwa lang ako. I want red grape. :(

I visited my niece, Ling, awhile ago. She is the cutest. We watched Hannah Montana, Hi-5, and Skip it (?). She got us snacks and we made a toast, "To Hannah Montana!". Okay. She is funny, I love her. I felt like I was that girl from Nanny Diaries. FUN! She was stalling when I told her I needed to go home.

To Hannah Montana.


Anonymous said...

bitch, are you hearing yourself? -mae

get an AIM

trizialim said...

yes, i miss you TOO. ha ha. call me, i'm saaaad.