Saturday, May 31, 2008


Just when my heart poured out with sheer generosity towards the street children outside KFC, I got violated (my heart would usually go out to the old ones, I cry when I see them wandering off the clean streets of the city). It was something uncalled for. Maybe I exaggerate too much but still. I was asked to buy dinner for our impromptu party at home, Jb accompanied me. So we were by the car waiting for the barrel of chicken we ordered and these kids, god, these kids started begging for the drinks we had. HELLO, the little girl was brushing her arms, trying to get a feel of my bag. Jb and I were a little too patient. I love kids, really. BUT THESE KIDS tested my patience. I threatened them...

"Magagalit na yung guard oh! Babarilin kami niyan pag binigyan namin kayo ng pera!"

Puta, bakit ako babarilin. Di ba dapat sila yung barilin? 

Joke lang.