Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I had Anj and Diane, two of my favorite people in the face of the planet (Aw!), sleep over last weekend because there is no one but me and my yayas at home. They were in Quezon for Kuya's birthday. I would've come but freakin' PolDyn made me stay and have the house all to myself. I CANNOT LIVE ALONE because I was actually tempted when Yaya Lynette (who calls me, "Archie", instead of "Achi") told me that it was my chance to go out. "Archie, bilis! Mag-disco ka na, hindi ka namin isusumbong basta kasama mo si Yaya mo!". "Eh, Ya, may test pa ako". SAAN KAYA PWEDE MAG-DISCO?

After school, we (Anj and Diane) went to the mall to look for Diane's LBD because she has an IEP party to go to. Yes, Little Miss IEP found the perfect dress and I found a strand of hair in my food. It wasn't my hair, I was sure of it, because I had to pull it out of the pita I was eating. Gross! 


To the owners of Chick Pea Deli, Galleria Branch:
I found an index-finger length, strand of almost-black hair. I am sure that it belongs to one of your employees. BOTH of the employees had LONG HAIR, which only means one thing... I, GOD FORBID, MOST PROBABLY ATE HAIR. Ew. I demand 150 pcs of what I ordered because it tastes good, except for the hair part. You do not know how I freaked out when I saw the, um, HAIR.
Thank You. For nothing. 

I'm catching up on One Tree Hill. Kudos to Peyton Sawyer! She wore an "Angels and Airwaves" shirt. I'm not a big fan, but I'll give them another shot. Woah, I sound so important for a moment there.


I'll be posting a video from our sleepover. Some, I dare not post. Just because.



Anonymous said...

your friends are kulit! hehehe


trizialim said...

yes, they are. thanks for the comment!