Sunday, October 03, 2010


I do not even remember when I last posted random rants (entries I have not really thought about or are not about my latest looks) here. So, now I am moving backwards because my fingers feel so liberated and have never been in a coma with my laptop's keyboard for months. That is the thing, I am not an avid fan of liberal views, ergo, I lack spontaneity--you do not see the connection but I do. I cringe when I utter the word but I am jotting down (no, not mental notes but real and actual notes) ways on how to be spontaneous. Of course, you would laugh. And now that I think about it, I am ruining the whole point of being spontaneous. Who makes a list of activities when the whole point is not to make one? Me. But I am a beginner. For what it is worth, my planner is stashed away and I have not seen it in months. So, this is a good start.

I will share some photos shot by none other than my brilliant cousin, Clara. She studies every single hour of the day and I am worried for her as I came across a Tweet by her sister Lela: "My sister is balancing a teddy bear on her head. The effect of over-studying"

I am posting my latest look on Chictopia here later. I am so happy it got 103 votes already, which is more than the number of comments.