Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I received a couple of questions regarding shoes--my favorites, where I shop for shoes that are both stylish and affordable at the same time, etc. So, here is an entry where I show my must-haves for all year round. Not that we have any other choice. Now that I think about it, having fall season here would be delightful. My love for shoes dates back from... Okay, I do not remember. Let me just say that I have acquired more than 15 pairs of Sketchers from when I was in the 4th grade til the 5th grade. I also had a phase where I would wear, buy, and breathe nothing but Chuck Taylors.

These are the pairs I over-use and will over-use. My essentials.

Black suede Forever21 short lace-up booties. I just got this pair this week. I tried it on for a couple of test drives. It goes well with anything--dresses, skirts, jeans, shorts.

Tan suede wooden heeled Forever21 clogs with gold studs. I also got this pair this week. My new obsession. Can anyone refer shops or brands where I can buy clogs that are as awesome as the ones I over-use? You have been acquainted with my brown leather ones, which I intend to wear even in my sleep. Due to its use, it is now fatigued and I had to buy a pair that is similar to that one.

Black H&M ballet flats with silver back-stud detail. I got this pair in China. It is the most comfortable flats I have ever owned. I am crazy about flats as much as I am with suedes.

Black patent Schu flats with gold chain detail. I have been living with this pair for a little over a year now. What I love about Schu is that their items are not only stylish but sturdy and ready for a long-term relationship with its owners.

Beige suede Zara soft bluchers. I bought them in China. I saw them and instantly fell in love. I have not experimented various kinds of outfits with it yet. I have only worn it once since I bought--the weather makes it impossible for me to.

How am I supposed to describe this one? It is quite offbeat. But it is worth a shot. Black leather Hong Kong brand cross breed between flat booties and gladiators. That sounded off. My mom got this pair in Hong Kong, she claims that it is made for my very "unsettling" taste in shoes.

Leopard-print peep-toe pumps. I love anything printed! Do not be deceived, its feistiness does not come in handy. These are hard to walk in but they are too adorable for me to ignore--sitting lonely and staring out the window, I had to adopt them!

Hot pink gusset Topshop slip-ons. This pair screams "spontaneity", which I am not. On days when I am ambushed by my friends to have coffee or days when a much-needed pedicure is in dire need, this (or my white Topshop sneakers) would be on top of my list. It goes perfectly with a shirt, shorts, and worn-out nail polish.

Black satin 5.5" Aldo pumps. There are no words to describe this one. I love how it shows toe cleavage, which in my case, the only cleavage I can only expose (but let us not delve into that topic). I am now hunting for new pumps that are slightly lower in height than this pair--something "wear-able" for lazy afternoons in the mall and something that can spin off its way to a couple of drinks (iced tea or diet Coke, in my case) with friends on a night out. I can only last a good 3 hours in these. Walk down memory lane: I wore this during my graduation. I did not slip but had to walk around PICC (venue) bare-footed when I needed to transport myself to the holding area of graduates and the restroom in a speedy manner. I thought I survived a full 4-hour encounter with these beauties. My legs felt like jell-o when I was just about to hop into my car, I fell. I fell with a good amount of audience. My mom told me not to blame the shoes, I did not eat the whole day. So, for those of you who are planning on getting a hold of these pumps... EAT before diving in. (Photo by: Clara Tan

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Anonymous said...

I love your shoes! :)

Lloyda said...

love all your fave shoes! cute blog! i'll add you to my blog list. i like your style. :)

Trizia Lim said...

thewhitecamera: Thank you! I'll try to post some more.
Llyoda: Thank you so much! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love love the black aldo pumps! When did you purchase them? I can't seem to find them on their site, I must have them!!!!