Sunday, October 10, 2010


Disclaimer: This is composed of a roll of photos that I took using my phone, so please excuse the resolution. My digital camera is busted and I still pretty bummed about it. Whenever I see it, I remember 8 hours of work.

It has been such a long since I last talked about how my day went by. So for old time's sake, I am making a rundown of how my week went by as it deserves a spot here. I spent the whole week EATING with my friends. This week I was spontaneous (at least for my taste).

To pay tribute to our then-morning routine back in high school, Kandz and I decided to have breakfast at McDonald's, Greenhills. I never thought it would materialize in just a day's time of planning.

This was last Monday. It looks so different now. I remember how my friends and I would meet at 7:30AM and have a quick breakfast over chit-chats. We would walk to school with heavy stomachs and fight the urge to sleep through our 8:30AM assembly. Kandz, Shai, and I met at 7:30AM (yes, we thought that if we would relive the moment, we had to relive the time, too). I got a BBM from Eleu asking where we were and after 5 minutes he was already at McDonald's awaiting his 9AM job interview.

So this is what I look like without sleep. I have been up for 24 hours so I was mostly confused throughout the day because my Sunday, which was their previous day, has not ended yet. This was at Starbucks, Theatre Mall, where we also used to hang out--where I freaked out when I found out I was not classmates with any one of them in my last year in high school. The baristas at Starbucks never spell my name right (I mean who would?) unless they ask if my Trizia is spelled with a "C" or an "S-H". It was the second time in my Starbucks history that they got it correctly--they spelled Kandee's name "Candeet", which I thought was the highlight of the morning. Seriously? Candeet?

I was crashing at 10:30AM. We accompanied Shai to have her photo taken as a requirement for her Korea trip this December (jealous!). I saw this mannequin. I stopped to look at it very closely. Arms of a man, boobs that could pass for G's.

This kept me up on the way home. I slept through their greatest hits and woke up on a Wednesday.

The best day was last Wednesday. Since we tried breakfast already, we decided to have brunch.

Mandatory photo of the girls who are trying to complete all meals of the day in a couple of week's time. Brunch and dessert at Mozu with Karla, John, Eleu, Manuel, Kandee, and Shai. (It definitely brought back college memories)

Notice how all of our plates have hearts on it? Manuel danced his way into forcing the waiter to put an "I Love You" on our dessert plate.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Banoffee Pie

Frozen Brazo

We headed to Shai's shop Provocouture for Kandz's fitting. I have three videos as evidences of our whackness, which I do not intend to upload (for security purposes, mine alone--I still want to live a happy life).

This is Manuel trying on a pretty dress.

And this is us eating dirty ice cream. I am sucker for street food. We headed to Starbucks to meet up with IC, Karla, and Laverne.

Grabbed from Manuel: Kandz, Shai, Manuel, and IC.

IC, me, Karla, and Kandz. I took photos of the place and our food using my phone's camera but I am afraid it never did any justice to any of it. The place is so pretty. The food is superb.

Brought Manuel home, we were singing to Love The Way You Lie and could not get pass Eminem's part. We then realized we spent 12 hours together, which was awesome.

If there is one thing I love most about my friends, it is that they are literally one BBM away. I was stuck at Crowne Plaza for 3 hours last Thursday and called Eleu. We had coffee at Gloria Jean's after a few sticks at Holiday Inn.

Yippp. My friends are awesome. Where is Friday? I will talk about it tomorrow because it is the highlight of my week!

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I timed myself. I spent an hour making this post.