Sunday, October 24, 2010


I had a good 8-hour sleep last night and woke up to a very fun-filled Saturday. Clara has been taking most of my photos for my blog and today, I played stylist and photographer--I failed the latter but hey, I tried.

Ain't she pretty? She is made of genius. She is the epitome of beauty and brains. She bakes, too. Yummy cupcakes. Check it out here, you will not regret it (or you will because you will crave and insist on having a box delivered to you).

Details on this outfit will be posted soon.

Preview of my next look. I went for the "manang" (old lady--conservative and will probably die a spinster) look.

To top off such a wonderful afternoon spent with my cousin and our grandparents, I had super late dinner with my two best friends in the world, Angela and Diane. I would not have survived college without these two and I am glad they have accepted and kept up with my tantrums. Tonight, Diane brought a plus one (a first for all of us!). Although mandatory to our friendship, Angela and I did not give him a hard time. So, JC if you are reading this: You are officially a Badet! And Diane, if you are reading this: Stop smiling.

Diane, me, and Angela. I am so happy we got to catch up! We have this certain bond, our minds connect, it is quite scary. Messages and thoughts travel under a second. I love you both so much!

Diane's plus one, JC. He kept her smiling the whole time. The three of us never really rehearsed this scene: The three of us having dinner and one with a date. I could have sworn we talked about this in college and I do not think it went according to plan, which is a good thing (only God knows what we came up with--never start the topic of embarrassing moments, wear lots of perfume, every-minute teeth check, to name a few). Regardless, we all had fun! Thank you for dinner, Diane.

Obligatory basket photo with Anj, too! Ha ha ha!

Looking forward to more dinner dates with them. Seems like nothing's change. <3