Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Manuel and I are suffering from a very bad case of separation anxiety. We had coffee today plus non-stop talking and laughing. I bet he still can't stop thinking about Brian like I can't stop thinking about J.Lo walking out of the restroom. The only difference is my thoughts about J.Lo will surely haunt me in my sleep.

Here are the photos we took earlier today.

Car ride home. We still could not get over my plate number.

Taking advantage of the traffic. This is before we braved circle. I was on the wheel. It took howmany minutes for me to realize that Manuel was holding his breath while I make a pressing turn from the left to the rightmost part of the road. You should have seen his face!

Never a dull moment with Manuel!

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Jill said...

you're so pretty and i love your style! check your formspring :)

Trizia Lim said...

Jill: Thank you so much! I already did. :-)