Friday, October 29, 2010


Currently reading the third installment of The Hunger Games Trilogy. I am crazy about the books--it took me less than a day to finish the first book. I asked my dad to get the second book the following day. He called to bear bad news. It is out of stock. When he got home, he surprised me! He got it all along! It feels so nice to have a dad like him, he bought the third book the following day after he got me the second book. I currently bought Mortal Instruments Trilogy--I was torn between that and Immortals. I had to stash a lot for my trip to Quezon (I arrived here last Monday). Thank you, Pop, again. Flashback: when I was 8 years old, he took me and my brothers "grocery shopping" at Toy Kingdom, the only existent kingdom in the minds of all children way back when. My siblings and I went crazy and filled in 2 little kiddie shop carts each. Oh, those were the days.

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anklet said...

wish u a very very haapy diwali and new year